in the darkest corner of the universe  when you see a star explode  and consume itself know that, it’s me  it will always take more than what you have, my being rests in the palms of almosts. and if, for a second, it might seem  that i didn’t make an explosion loud enough know that, […]

a love/death poem

i have been thinking about death  its endless torturing affection towards  crippling minds and everything that lives within.  id be in love with it if it were a person  id probably be in love with anyone who’s a person  death, though, would knock before coming into my room  it would wake me up on sunday […]

a letter to love

it is in the coldest winter nights that i find myself writing about the fact  of your existence, of its irregularities  and singularities in a world  that could only be deemed perfect for people not infatuated.  love,  thank you for not giving the world enough reasons  for its people to destroy it.  i believe you […]


i do not believe that shadows of tomorrow exist today, so i relieve my breathing of its senseless baseless faceless  exaggeration of situations  that deserve no thought.  but i think more than anyone  else, i suppose.  it makes me who i am  and i might be no one  but to me, i shall always be […]

‚Äča list of ‘because’s

one,  because the sun was too busy making love to the sea one day to remember to rise.  two,  because sometimes i do not like the sky.  three,  because i do not find it amusing, sorry.  four,  because i deserve better.  five,  because my dog actually ate my fucking homework. six,  because it’s easier to […]


\what ever  \really made sense \stranded in blank space  /except whatever i could grasp \does it  \feel easy \to not; /hold on to nothing  \if only  \i was more \than toxicity  /and street lights  \if only  \every road  \we walked on  /wasn’t broken  \and was i  \to mend  \them, i  /probably wouldn’t  \not to  \be […]